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A 7-inch dick is quite common in places like Ecuador, Congo, Columbia, Venezuela, where the average size range is 6.5-7″. In most Asian countries like the Philippines, Bangladesh, Vietnam, a 7″ cock is rare as they have the smallest average penis sizes.

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At 7-inches, you’re in the top ~2% of men. Sure, go ahead and smile now. The thing is, a lot of guys claim to have a 7-inch dick when they really don’t.

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This means that, if you have a 7-inch dick, you’re well above average. In fact, if you look at the study’s percentile chart, you can see that a 7 inch penis puts you above the 95th percentile, which means your penis length is longer than the penis length of over 95% of other males. Fewer than 5% of men have a penis 7 inches or longer.

Is a 7 Inch Dick Big, Really Big or Just The Average Size?

A 7-inch is above the average penis size for adult men, and men with this size are in the rarest territory. A study by the Kinsey Institute found that 1% of dicks in the sampled population were larger than 7 inches but lower than 8 inches. According to this study, men with a 7 inch dick have a penis size that is large than approximately 91% of the male adult population.

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What should you know about this penis size? “If you have a penis size that is 7 inches or greater, congrats to you, you have a penis size larger than 91 percent of the population,” says Garrett.

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So, while it may seem as if well-endowed men are common, only 3 in every 1000 could boast a penis over 7” long. 7 Inches and Female Pleasure. Of course, while penis size may be a big factor in male confidence nowadays, the core of the insecurity tends to have to do with how men feel they’re being perceived by their partners. When it comes to how women feel about penis size, the numbers and statistics aren’t quite as cut and dry.

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Yes, you are big enough. Your 7 inches will be more than adequate. The best thing for you to do is learn how to use it, become a good lover and understand that great sex is more than just penetration.

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7 inch penis pictures of 18 year old male. Last modified: May 9th, 2015 by Men's FAQ - Dr. Vavere. I am 18 about and I weight about 120 pounds. My penis is about 5 inches long when flaccid and 7 inches long when erect.Picture of 7 inches long penis (erect state).Same penis but flaccid – around 5 inches.