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The customer is from a state-owned company affiliated to a highway administration bureau. The company has been engaged in road engineering for many years and is an old friend of xmovies Early in 2004, the company bought mills from GkM to process limestone for road construction. So far, the mills have been running stably and all operational data is normal. In 2016, to enlarge the production scale, the customer consulted GkM about how to improve capacity. To give him a reasonable solution, GkM paid a revisit to the production line.,porn films

18 sex tube,During revisit, we found that the grinding roller, grinding ring and the blade of powder collector wore terribly because 3-4 years' use. So, to keep safe production and to improve the capacity, GkM engineers sincerely suggested the customer replace these worn parts. The customer showed his appreciation to GkM service and chose to cooperate with us again when he decided to enlarge the production scale.

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marti xxx,The capacitance of the production line was limited by 300KW. The small capacitance was a challenge for us to reach expected capacity of 15 tons every hour. For traditional solutions and equipment configuration could not meet either electric power or expectation on capacity. So after discussion and analysis, GkM technical team recommended the new product to this customer--- MB5X Pendulum Mill whose total power is 294KW and can reach capacity of 15 tons per hour.

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First, forklift works to load material. Next, the variable frequency belt feeder under the hopper evenly sends material to mill. After grinding, the finished product would be collected by powder concentrator. By the way, the powdery material collected by dust collector would be conveyed to the elevator by spiral conveyor and then along elevator, finished product enters the storage bin.,aidra foxx

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1. Thin Oil Lubricating Grinding Roller,порно хаб

Grinding roller of MB5X mill adopts thin oil lubrication. It is a technology initiated domestically which is maintenance-free and easy to operate. Thin oil lubrication is oil bath lubrication, more convenient than grease lubrication since no frequent oil-adding, and it needs lower maintenance cost.,public xxx

2. No Shovel Blade Cylinder,sexx tub

There is no shovel blade cylinder in the grinding chamber, so ventilation area is larger and air-conveying resistance is smaller. Besides, use of large-diameter grinding roller improves the grinding efficiency directly.,nude sis

love hd porn,3. Volute Elastic Damping Structure

buzztube,Volute elastic damping structure can effectively reduce vibrating damage on the host. Between the volute and engine base, special elastic structure is applied, and in combination with setup of rubber shock pad, it could directly avoid influence of vibration of engine base on operating stability of powder concentrator, and completely eradicate the problem of shatter crack of volute and central engine due to vibration of engine base.

4. Automatic Oil-temperature Detecting Device,fsi blog sex

pirate porn,The host reducer is equipped with oil-temperature detecting system and heating unit, and according to the pre-set requirements, it could operate automatically under low temperature, ensuring the safe operation of host lubricating system.

xvideo free,5. Mesh-type Grinding Roller Hanger

pussy flash,Grinding roller hanger applies unusual mesh design to increase the ventilation area of the grinding chamber. This design could directly improve material-conveying efficiency while lowering the windage.

naked prank,6. New Cage-type Powder Concentrator

Powder concentrator adopts low-resistance hanging cage-type powder concentrator. The advantages of this powder concentrator lies in its high efficiency and low energy consumption. Processing same kind of materials and requiring same fineness, this powder concentrator needs less electricity but it can bring higher capacity compared to the blade-type powder concentrator.,latest porns

love hd porn,7. Integral Wear-resistant Shovel Plate

best cuckold,Integrated wear-resistant shovel plate could improve the durability and lower use cost of quick-wear parts. Air-intake volute is redesigned by applying wear-resistant liner, which can directly improve service life of the volute in multiples.

18 sex tube,8. Humanized Transmission System

Transmission system of powder concentrator applies concentrated lubricating system. The system could operate automatically according to setup without shutdown and manual operation.,asahi mizuno

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As a new type of superfine grinding equipment, the LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill integrates powder grinding,…,سيكس فيديو

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Vertical Roller Mill is our newly-launched product which is applied as a solution to the technical issues such as…,marti xxx

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Along with the rapid development of social economy, the requirements on pulverizing fineness by the clients from…,18 sex tube